Tiny had the permit in her possession

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Tiny had the permit in her possession, according to TMZ.120 photos view galleryCelebrity mug shotsThe former OMG singer and her parents have not publicly commented on the arrest, but her cousin Tamara Whitaker posted the “cute as hell” mugshot to Instagram and explained Pullins had “just forgot (the gun) was in her really big purse.””We were taught in my family that people are crazy out here and carrying a small gun to protect yourself is what’s needed,” Whitaker wrote.Zonnique Pullins was arrested Thursday in Atlanta. (Clayton County Sheriff’s Office) Pullins arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of “Ant Man” on June 29, 2015. (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)Pullins was arrested Thursday night in Atlanta.”With the late shootings and death of a pop star all in Orlando just this week, I think it’s very appropriate that she carries a gun just not to the airport maybe lol.”.

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